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Tapping for Chocolate Cravings - an introduction to EFT

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Tapping for Menopause with Karen Lewis

Nov 1 2010 Interview with Jessica Ortner, The Tapping Insiders Club


Presentation at

EFT Northern Gathering January 2011

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                   Approximately 7.5 minutes running time

                   Click the icon to download  the accompanying mp3 audio.

Tapping on the Karate Chop Point (Side of Hand) repeat the following:

Even though I have these relentless hot flushes,

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I have these relentless hot flushes,

I deeply and completely love and forgive myself.

Even though I have these relentless hot flushes …

It’s like I have a furnace inside of me.

So hot,

So very hot!

So very uncomfortable.

And embarrassing too!.

I hate it when I look like a beetroot,

With my bright red face

And burning neck

And nowhere to hide it.

When I need to strip off my clothes or melt.

Everyone can see me,

Bright red face.

It never seems to stop.

It goes on and on,

Relentlessly on and on.

It’s been going on for so long now.

Is it ever going to finish?

Am I stuck with this for the rest of my life?

This relentless heat and burning?

Are my hormones ever going to let me go

And live my life again?

I’m tired of being told “It’s one of those things”.

“What do you expect at your time of life?”

And if I’m not hot, then I’m feeling chilled,

Because the flush makes me so warm

My clothing gets damp

Or even wet through!

I layer my clothing,

But it’s such a bind.

And it makes me feel heavy headed,


As the heat rolls over me.

Removing the layers hardly helps

Nor drinking water,

Nor fanning myself

Just wave after wave of heat and tight-headedness.

But now I choose to know

That enough is enough.

I’ve decided

that I’m no longer

going to be ruled by these flushes

That my hormones can balance themselves.

And I choose to know

That I deserve to be free of this

And even though I have these relentless hot flushes,

I deeply and completely,

Love, forgive and accept myself.

Now it’s time to move on to the individual tapping points. Tap gently but firmly a few times (about 5-7) on each point as you say the phrases.

Eyebrow Point: These relentless hot flushes.

Side of Eye: These relentless hot flushes.

Under Eye: These relentless hot flushes.

Under Nose: These relentless hot flushes.

Chin (Under Mouth): These relentless hot flushes.

Collar Bone: These relentless hot flushes.

Under Arm: These relentless hot flushes.

Top of Head: These relentless hot flushes.

EB: This furnace inside of me.

SE: This furnace inside of me.

UE: Makes me so hot.

UN: So very hot.

CH: It’s so uncomfortable.

CB: This bright red face.

UA: This burning inside of me

TH: Who needs a heater

EB: When you feel like this?

SE: I want to live in an igloo.

UE: Surely that would cool me down some?

UN: And there would be no-one to see me,

CH: With my bright red face.

CB: I am SO embarrassed

UA: With my beetroot face

TH: And having to fling off my clothes

EB: Just to cool down.

SE: And how often does it work,

UE: Removing layers,

UN: Cold drinks,

CH: Fans running.

CB: These relentless hot flushes

UA: insist on running their course.

TH: If I’m lucky,

EB: Really lucky,

SE: It might last a few moments.

UE: But no,

UN: I always get the ones

CH: That go on and on,

CB: Relentlessly on.

UA: Dratted hormones,

TH: “Just that time of life”, you know.

EB: Why can’t I be

SE: One of the 50% of women

UE: Who never experience any flushes at all???

UN: It’s so unfair!

CH: Getting hot under the collar

CB: Then chilled because my clothes are wet.

UA: So unfair!

TH: But what if

EB: I decide

SE: Enough is enough?

UE: What if

UN: I make the choice

CH: That I’m no longer going to be ruled by these hot flushes?

CB: What if I allow myself

UA: To know

TH: That my body can regulate itself?

EB: What if

SE: I choose to see

UE: These flushes

UN: As surges of life energy

CH: As the creative fire

CB: of my unique and individual spirit?

UA: I can choose to see

TH: These flushes

EB: Acting to deep cleanse my body

SE: Refining itself for

UE: New physical and spiritual tasks.

UN: I take time

CH: To ask myself,

CB: “What is getting me all hot and bothered?”

UA: “Are there things in my life

TH: I need to discard,

EB: Just like my layers of clothing?”

SE: What if I choose to see

UE: These hot flushes as proof

UN: That I’m still pretty hot,

CH: Despite my years

CB: I choose to believe these flushes

UA: Are a sign

TH: Of a quick and easy

EB: Transition to menopause.

SE: I allow myself

UE: To accept these hot flushes

UN: As a way

CH: To vent excess heat.

CB: I choose to see them

UA: As a cleansing and refining process,

TH: Bringing me closer to the true me

EB: I can get fed up

SE: Of these relentless hot flushes,

UE: But I can also accept that

UN: They are part of

CH: “The Change of Life”

CB: And I choose to believe

UA: That change IS life

TH: And life is growth.

Take a nice, slow deep breath and let it out. Drink a glass of water too.

Some of the phrases used above are taken from the research I did for “Menopause – Hormonal Balance With EFT” and include words from Leslie Kenton in “Passage to Power” and an interview she did with Dr Leichti, once director of the Bircher-Benner clinic, about menopause from a natural medicine viewpoint; and also from “Reiki, Universal Life Energy” by Baginski and Sharamon.

There is one account on Gary Craig’s EFT website where a lady, Nancy O’Hanna, found that she was actually becoming too cold, rather than too hot, so she needed to amend her choice of words. A case of be careful what you ask for.... Words do have power!

So there you - keep an open mind and give it a whirl. Any queries or problems, just get in touch.

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