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Tapping for Chocolate Cravings - an introduction to EFT

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Tapping for Menopause with Karen Lewis

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                  Approximately 10 minutes running time

                  Click the icon to download  the accompanying mp3 audio.

Tapping on the Karate Chop Point (Side of Hand) repeat the following:

Even though I have these exhausting night sweats,

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I have these exhausting night sweats,

I deeply and completely love and forgive myself.

Even though I have these exhausting night sweats …

As soon as I get into bed,

And lie down,

Up they start,

These exhausting night sweats.

And it NEVER goes away.

It doesn’t matter if I’m hot or cold,

Inside or out,

If I have the fan full on,

Or if I’m wearing the lightest of bed clothes,

And have the best pure cotton bedding.

It is SO exhausting;

I don’t know what’s worse,

The sweats or the insomnia!

I can’t stay awake in the evening,

I keep nodding off,

How embarrassing when the family are there.

Yet as soon as I get into bed,

Up they start!

Those incredibly hot and wet sweats.

They come on with a vengeance,

Sudden and intense.

I wake up in the night,

Feeling like I’m going to combust.

And I am SOAKED in perspiration,

Soaked to the bone,

My hair drenched,

And the pillows and sheets, too.

I have to change clothes and bedding,

And sleep on towels.

These night sweats prevent me from sleeping.

WHY am I sweating like this?

EVERY single ruddy night!

I get so clammy and wet,

From head to toe.

When does this all freaking end?

Is there nothing I can do to stop it?

Will it ever go away?

I lie in this furnace,

This heat-wave that feels

As if my blood is boiling

Tossing and turning.

First I throw off the bedding

Longing for a current of cool air,

For any tiny bit of refreshing coolness.

And then freeze as I cool

And the sweat evaporates.

I feel so bad

Because it affects my husband/partner,

Disturbs their sleep too.

I’ve even had to go

And sleep in the spare room,

With the windows wide open,

Even in the midst of winter!

I feel so out of control,

As my body takes over,

Its thermostat constantly on high.

What have I done to deserve this?

Why does my body do this to me?

Will it ever end?

It’s driving me mad!

And even though I have these exhausting night sweats,

I deeply and completely,

Love, forgive and accept myself.

Now it’s time to move on to the individual tapping points. Tap gently but firmly a few times (about 5-7) on each point as you say the phrases.

Eyebrow Point: These exhausting night sweats

Side of Eye: These exhausting night sweats

Under Eye: These exhausting night sweats

Under Nose: These exhausting night sweats

Chin (Under Mouth): These exhausting night sweats

Collar Bone: These exhausting night sweats

Under Arm: These exhausting night sweats

Top of Head: These exhausting night sweats

EB: Starting when I get into bed,

SE: As soon as I lie down.

UE: So sudden and intense.

UN: Even when I’m trying to stay cool,

CH: Even with the fan full on,

CB: Even with the lightest of bed clothes,

UA: Up they start,

TH: These exhausting night sweats!

EB: These incredibly hot and wet sweats.

SE: Waking me in the night,

UE: So clammy and wet,

UN: From head to toe.

CH: I lie in this furnace,

CB: In a heat-wave,

UA: That feels like my blood’s boiling,

TH: And soaked in perspiration

EB: I don’t know what’s worse,

SE: The sweats or the insomnia.

UE: It’s all SO exhausting!

UN: Waking in the night

CH: Feeling as if I’m about to combust,

CB: Drenched in sweat,

UA: Drenched to the bone,

TH: These terrible night sweats,

EB: Coming on with a vengeance,

SE: Drenching my body,

UE: Drenching my hair,

UN: Drenching my bedding,

CH: Just what I want!

CB: Changing the bed in the middle of the night!

UA: Having to sleep on towels.

TH: How I long for a dry night’s sleep!!!

EB: And I feel so bad

SE: Because it disturbs my husband’s/partner’s sleep as well.

UE: It’s absolutely no fun

UN: Having to sleep

CH: In the spare room.

CB: Needing the window wide open

UA: For any cooling breeze.

TH: WHY am I sweating like this?

EB: Why does my body thermostat not work

SE: The way it always has?

UE: Why is this happening to me?

UN: What have I done to deserve this?

CH: This hellfire of night sweats!

CB: These night sweats,

UA: Keeping me awake.

TH: They are driving me mad!

EB: I feel so out of control.

SE: Wish I could flick a switch on MY thermostat

UE: Like I can with the central heating!

UN: Will it EVER go away?

CH: Is there anything I can do stop it?

CB: These dratted night sweats!

UA: These dratted night sweats!

TH: These poxy, exhausting night sweats!

EB: But what if

SE: I decide

UE: Enough is enough!

UN: What if

CH: I choose to believe

CB: That my mind can affect my body?

UA: What if

TH: I make the choice

EB: That these night sweats

SE: Can only bother me

UE: If I allow them to.

UN: What if I can see

CH: Something positive

CB: Come out of this?

UA: I have to be honest

TH: And say at this time,

EB: I’ve no idea what that may be.

SE: Perhaps I could consider

UE: That my body is trying to speak to me;

UN: To get me to listen

CH: To its message.

CB: It must be pretty important

UA: For it to be ‘shouting’ at me like this.

TH: After all,

EB: Not every woman

SE: Going through menopause

UE: Suffers from night sweats.

UN: Many women have no trouble at all.

CH: Why should that be?

CB: Why shouldn’t I be one of them?

UA: Are there things going on in my life

TH: Which are getting me all hot and bothered?

EB: Am I trying too hard

SE: To do too many things,

UE: To be Superwoman,

UN: And just ending up

CH: Getting all in a sweat?

CB: Can I allow myself

UA: To see these night sweats

TH: As my body’s deep cleansing mechanism?

EB: Can I allow myself to go with the flow?

SE: To become more relaxed

UE: Cooler, calmer and more collected

UN: About things going on in my life?

CH: What if

CB: I can see these “tropical moments”,

UA: These “thermostatically-challenged” times,

TH: As part of the natural process

EB: Indicating the changes in my life

SE: And the need to slow down,

UE: De-stress and relax.

UN: I allow myself to see myself

CH: In a state of balance.

CB: I allow myself to know

UA: That my body thermostat

TH: Can be set to normal

EB: And stay that way.

SE: I choose to listen to the messages

UE: My body tells to me.

UN: I allow myself

CH: To take every step

CB: I need

UA: To love and nurture my body

TH: And my self.

EB: I choose

SE: To love and accept myself.

UE: I choose

UN: To love and forgive myself,

CH: Even when I feel

CB: That my body is betraying me.

UA: I choose to know that all things pass,

TH: That what I resist,

EB: Persists.

SE: I choose to know

UE: That I can let myself trust

UN: My body’s innate ability for harmony.

CH: I choose to know

CB: That releasing any and all resistance

UA: Is always for the good.

TH: And I bless my body with love.

Take a nice, slow deep breath and let it out. Drink a glass of water too.

So there you have it - keep an open mind and give it a whirl. Any queries or problems, just get in touch.

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