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Tapping for Chocolate Cravings - an introduction to EFT

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Tapping for Menopause with Karen Lewis

Nov 1 2010 Interview with Jessica Ortner, The Tapping Insiders Club


Presentation at

EFT Northern Gathering January 2011

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Towards the end of September I was contacted by Jessica Ortner to ask if I would like to be interviewed for the Tapping Insiders Club. You can read my blog entry about it and this is a transcript of the EFT tap-along script we used to finish the interview. You can find the actual interview here.

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                   Approximately 13.5 minutes running time

                   Click the icon to download  the accompanying mp3 audio.

Tapping on the Karate Chop Point (Side of Hand) repeat the following:

Even though I’m having these really horrible hot flushes,

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I’m having these debilitating night sweats,

I deeply and completely love and forgive myself.

Even though I’m having these menopausal symptoms,

The hot flushes and the night sweats,

During the day, and during the night,

These dratted hormones,

Causing havoc in my body,

Feeling so out of control,

It’s such a pain,

And so embarrassing when the flushes occur,

And everyone can see my bright red face,

Getting all hot and sticky,

Needing to throw off the layers of clothing,

Always too hot,

Even when everyone else is quite cool,

And I don’t feel cool,

With my bright red face,

And this hot, tight feeling running through my body,

My head feels so tight and heavy,

Feeling like I’m on fire,

As wave after wave of heat rolls over me.

And then at night,

I’m settling down to sleep,

But now I’m kept awake by these dreadful night sweats

They keep me awake

And it’s so horrible to lie in hot, sticky bed clothes

Feeling like I need to put a towel in the bed.

And it not only disturbs me,

But my husband as well,

Especially when I have to get up and change the bedding

Sodden through,

Disturbing my sleep,

Feeling on fire,

SOAKED in perspiration,

My body, my hair, drenched,

Pillows and sheets so tight and hot,

Stifling and suffocating,

Feeling clammy and wet,

Feeling so unsexy and un-feminine

Poor husband having to sleep with a sweating furnace,

And I don’t know when it’s going to end

And I can go back to a good night’s sleep,

Instead of tossing and turning,

With boiling blood.

I feel so out of control,

As my body takes over,

Driving me mad!

And even though I have these horrible hot flushes and debilitating night sweats,

I deeply and completely,

Love, forgive and accept myself.


Now it’s time to move on to the individual tapping points. Tap gently but firmly a few times (about 5-7) on each point as you say the phrases.


Eyebrow Point: These horrible hot flushes

Side of Eye: These debilitating night sweats

Under Eye: These horrible hot flushes

Under Nose: These debilitating night sweats

Chin (Under Mouth): These horrible hot flushes

Collar Bone: These debilitating night sweats

Under Arm: These horrible hot flushes

Top of Head: These debilitating night sweats


EB:  These horrible menopausal symptoms,

SE:  I hate my hormones,

UE:  All out of balance.

UN:  Causing havoc in my body,

CH:  Messing me about big time.

CB:  I feel so out of control,

UA:  With these horrible hot flushes,

TH:  These debilitating night sweats!


EB: SO embarrassing,

SE: These horrible hot flushes,

UE: Make my face bright red,

UN: Feeling like a beetroot.

CH: My head so tight and hot,

CB: The heat wave washing through my body,

UA: Feeling on fire,

TH: So out of control.


EB: This furnace inside of me.

SE: The heat flooding out.

UE: It’s all SO exhausting!

UN: And so embarrassing!

CH: And everyone’s looking at me,

CB: The Old Fogie,

UA: It’s “That Time of Life”.

TH: It’s so uncomfortable,


EB: 50 % of women don’t get hot flushes, they say.

SE: I wish I was one of them!

UE: Instead of getting so hot and bothered,

UN: By day and by night!

CH: And I hate disturbed nights,

CB: Hardly sleeping at all some nights

UA: Because I’m drenched to the skin.

TH: With these yucky night sweats.


EB: How I long for a dry night’s sleep!!!

SE: No sticky bed clothes.

UE: And I feel so bad about disturbing the hubby,

UN: Having to change the bed clothes.

CH: Feeling clammy, and cold and wet,

CB: When the sweat has passed by,

UA: Leaving this chaos in its wake.

TH: WHY am I sweating like this?


EB: Soaked in perspiration,

SE: My body, my hair, wet with sweat.

UE: Why is this happening to me?

UN: What have I done to deserve this?

CH: This hellfire of night sweats!

CB: So unsexy and un-feminine!

UA: Keeping me awake.

TH: They are driving me mad!


EB:  But what if I decide

SE:  I can take back control?

UE:  What if I decide I can do something positive

UN: To balance my hormones?

CH:  I don’t know what that might be just yet but

CB:  Perhaps I can consider that my body is trying to tell me something.

UA:  Perhaps I can allow myself to be open

TH:  To listening to my body’s messages


EB:  What if I take time to consider

SE:  What’s getting me hot under the collar?

UE:  Are there things in my life

UN:  I need to discard,

CH:  Just like the excess layers of clothing?

CB:  And I can choose to see these hot flushes

UA:  As signs that I’m still “Hot Stuff”

TH:  I can make that positive choice!


EB: Many women have no problems at all

SE: At this time of life.

UE: So why aren’t I one of them?

UN: What makes the difference?

CH: Could I be a little more laid-back?

CB: Could I cultivate a more ‘chilled’ outlook?

UA: Am I running around,

TH: Getting all hot and bothered


EB:  When I should be letting things flow?

SE:  What if I consider slowing down a little?

UE:  Pacing myself more?

UN:  Life’s not a marathon run.

CH:  I can choose to amble about,

CB:  Relax and de-stress.

UA:  I can choose to take time out,

TH:  To do things just for me.


EB:  At my own pace,

SE:  In my own time,

UE:  Allowing myself time and space

UN:  To chill out.

CH:  All these stress hormones,

CB:  Running through my body.

UA:  They mess up all the other hormones too

TH:  And this can get me all hot and bothered.


EB:  I can choose to let go

SE:  Of anything that no longer serves me.

UE:  I can choose to let go of any stresses

UN:  I’m holding on to,

CH:  Feeding those stress hormones in my body.

CB:  I choose to take back my power

UA:  And allow myself to believe that I can take control

TH:  Of life situations


EB:  Without getting in a fluster,

SE:  Without getting all hot and bothered.

UE:  I can make the choice

UN:  To be cooler, calmer and more collected

CH:  Rather than let it all wash over me

CB:  Like a fiery tidal wave.

UA:  I can choose to see

TH:  These “thermostatically-challenged” times


EB:  As part of the natural process,

SE:  Indicating the changes in my life,

UE:  And the need to slow down,

UN:  De-stress and relax.

CH:  I can allow myself

CB:  To see myself in a state of hormonal balance.

UA:  Rather than be in a state of turmoil

TH:  I choose to listen to the messages


EB:  My body tells to me.

SE:  I choose to nurture myself

UE:  At this time of change.

UN:  I allow myself

CH:  To cherish myself.

CB:  I choose to trust

UA:  That my body knows what it needs,

TH:  And can let me know


EB:  The steps I need to take

SE:  To enable and empower myself.

UE:  I allow myself time to go within,

UN:  To love, accept and forgive myself,

CH:  I allow myself

CB:  To be kind to myself.

UA:  I choose to know that all things pass,

TH:  And that, come what may, I can bless my body with love.


Take a nice, slow deep breath and let it out. Drink a glass of water too.

Any queries or problems, just get in touch.

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