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Tapping for Chocolate Cravings - an introduction to EFT

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Tapping for Menopause with Karen Lewis

Nov 1 2010 Interview with Jessica Ortner, The Tapping Insiders Club


Presentation at

EFT Northern Gathering January 2011

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Are you a bit stuck, wondering what all this talk of tapping on acupoints and meridians is all about? You aren’t sure about the EFT Basic Recipe and Setup Statements and what to say as you tap. Can it really help with your menopause symptoms? Would you like to have a test run?

Then here is a chance to do so, although of necessity, it is not as fine-tuned as an individual session, working on your own or with a practitioner. It is, however, a good starting point, and it is also likely that, even so, you will have positive results.

I am in the process of producing some scripts for you to tap-along to. The first two are ones that I have put together for the Minnie Pauz forum, and hopefully, more will be added as time allows. Future scripts are likely to include memory and sleep issues, but if you have any particular topic you would like covered, then get in touch and we’ll see what can be done.

These scripts are based on a format that Brad Yates uses very successfully. It may look like a lot of work but it usually takes just about  5 - 10  minutes to tap through. Obviously these scripts are not customised to any one individual, which is why I chose to use this format rather than the more traditional EFT format I would use in 1:1 consultation.

For some people, the EFT tapping will work very swiftly; for most of us though we do have to set aside just a few minutes a day and work on it for incremental results. It's like most things, you get out of it in relation to what you put into it. As you tap, other things may come up for you and you can incorporate those into your own personal script. You might be surprised at what can come up, and how relevant it may prove to be.

You can get photo tapping point details from here or use the image below.

Give it a go and let us know how you get on. I’d be delighted to hear how you do.

Please note that you must take full personal responsibility for your use of EFT – please see the website disclaimer before you start using these scripts.



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